Add Maths & Physics Workshop

Enhancing Add Maths & Physics Workshop


Showing the EASY method of getting the knowledge, understanding & application of these subjects. Unleasing the commom difficulties faced by students.

This program will help you in many because this program has taken 20 years of research to become a reality. The reason we are so confident that the ideas in this program will work for you because they have already worked for us and more than 10,000 of our students have benefitted.

We will share most of the important personal breakthrough with you and tell you the correct way that it realy work for you. During the sessions, you will learn a little-used technique but it can discover a lot of time, energy and unnecessary preasure. If you study and gradually implement our strategies what we are about to share, you will not only hit these two subjects but you will far exceed the results you are currently experiencing.

Specifically, we will show you how to focus on your strengths, so that you will minimise your effort but enjoying a maximum result. So let us get started. The sure a rogram guarantees you a better future. We will ensure that you achieve your targets much sooner than anticipated.


Name :
Malek Bin Kamaruddin

Qualification :

Employment :

  • Teaching Add Maths & Physics At Sekolah Menengah Islam Adni,Ukay Height, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Lecturing Part-time In Applied Physics And Mathematics For Malaysia
  • Allied Health Sciences Academy, Mahsa College.
Experience :
20 years af vast experience in teaching on both additonal mathematics and physics subjects giving seminars / workshop to numerous schools in various parts of Malaysia.

Recognition :
was conferred ‘award for the best subject teacher in add maths for SPM 2005, by Sekolah Menengah Islam Adni, Kuala Lumpur.

in accordance to the current spm format (since 2003), method consists knowledge, understanding, applications, conception, problem solving and decision making

specifically emphasise on thinking process and step by step solution in problem solving
Add Maths & Physics Workshop
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